Talent Performance Management Vietnam 2018 is the unique conference in place to share and discuss in depth about Talent Performance Management, a very critical aspect of Human Capital Management.

Performance management is a proactive partnership between employees and management that enables workers to perform at their best and aligns their contributions with the goals, values and initiatives of the organization. The consequences of a poor performance management system are severe and can lead to the disintegration of company culture, high employee turnover, and decreased employee productivity.

For many companies, performance management is being reinvented for a new, forward-looking purpose: to serve as an efficient, focused business process that helps improve employee engagement and drives business results.

Innovative new performance management models are now becoming an imperative as businesses modernize and improve their talent solutions. Companies leading this transformation are redefining the way they set goals and evaluate performance, focusing heavily on coaching and feedback; and looking for new technologies to help make performance management easier. Regular feedback empowers people to reset goals continuously, change projects, and feel rewarded for their “work,” not just their “job.”.

Talent Performance Management Vietnam 2018 organized by HR Media on Friday, 23 March 2018 at New World Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City will explore the current state of Performance Management in companies today and will reconcile the needs of the organization for relevant processes that produce effective results and offer meaningful feedback to an increasingly intergenerational workforce at a rate and pace unseen in previous decades.